Worker Power

EARN’s Worker Power Project focuses on expanding the ability of working people to achieve racial, gender, and economic justice through organizing, collective bargaining, and state and local policies that promote worker voice. The project draws directly on EPI and EARN groups’ longstanding commitment to economic policies that work for working people, while building new capacity to support workers in achieving the collective, democratic power necessary to bring dignity to all work, achieve racial and gender equity across occupations and industries, and shape a new worker-centered economy for the future.

Confronting entrenched power imbalances and decades of active suppression of workers’ rights, the Worker Power Project works with EARN groups and partners to ensure all workers—including those long excluded from state or federal legal protections—can freely exercise the right to join together in a union and gain a voice on the job.

The project provides active support to EARN groups engaged in building worker power at the state or local level by facilitating partnerships, sharing resources and technical assistance, and developing strategic partnerships among EARN groups, labor unions, worker centers, and grassroots organizations. Initial project activities include policy and research support for organizing and issue campaigns; popular education on workers’ rights, unions, and struggles for racial, gender, and economic justice; and creation of a multi-state learning community.


Confronting the Labor Shortage Narrative and Protecting UI

  • June 3, 2021

Blogs, reports, and data to help describe current labor market conditions, address the labor shortage narrative, and discuss the need for continued UI:

Statements and blog posts responding to states pulling out of federal UI supplements:

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